Our Idea of Wine

Notre idée du vin


  • We defend and promote craft winemakers who spurn industrial production models; artisans respectful of nature and ecosystems, working honestly and without artifice.
  • We celebrate their courage to resist temptation to use easy production methods, to reject fertilizers, insecticides or synthetic yeast.
  • We honor the wine masters who embrace honest winemaking – from the grape to the bottle – allowing them the freedom to express themselves.
  • We welcome the growers with whom we have established friendly relations and who regularly present their wines at the tastings we organize at our cave.
  • We promote wines that embrace the real, full character of fruit and minerality, wines whose personalities are not masked by any artifice.
  • We defend and advocate healthy wines, wines that are non-chemical and easily digested; wines with a frank and sincere taste, clean aromas and wines that have not suffered from the misuse and abuse of chemicals.  
  • We hope to advance those wines that reflect their terroir and climatic conditions on which they depend, great wines which differ with each vintage.

L'actu de la cave


6 décembre 2018

Dégustation des Champagnes d'Emmanuel Lassaigne


21 novembre 2018

Les photos de la soirée vins primeurs 2018


6 novembre 2018

La Fête des Vins Primeurs 2018 !



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